Pixi Cat Water Fountain Not Working? Quick Fixes!

Pixi Cat Water Fountain Not Working

If your Pixi Cat Water Fountain stops working, check the power supply and filter first. Ensure the unit is adequately assembled and that the water level is sufficient.

A Pixi Cat Water Fountain not functioning properly can be a source of frustration for both pet owners and their furry companions. These innovative fountains are designed to provide a continuous flow of fresh, filtered water for your pet, which is vital for their health and hydration.

Problems can arise from several issues, including power disruptions, clogged filters, or incorrect assembly. For pet owners, addressing these issues promptly helps maintain their pet’s well-being and avoids the potential disruption to their daily water intake. Recognizing the common problems and troubleshooting your Pixi Cat Water Fountain can restore its functionality quickly, ensuring your cat stays hydrated with a fresh water source.

Pixi Cat Water Fountain Not Working? Quick Fixes!

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Common Issues With Pixi Cat Water Fountains

Pixi Cat Water Fountains ensure your feline friends stay hydrated. Yet sometimes, they can hit a snag. Recognizing common issues helps get these fountains flowing again quickly. Let’s explore the typical troubles to keep those purrs of happiness uninterrupted.

Power Supply Interruptions

No power means no water flow. Check these first:

  • Is the unit plugged in?
  • Are cables intact?
  • Is the outlet functioning?

Pump Problems

The heart of the fountain, the pump, may struggle. Common signs include:

  • Odd noises or quiet operation
  • Lack of water movement

Ensure it’s firmly seated and receiving power.

Filter Blockages

Clean filters mean clean water. Your cat’s health relies on it. Signs of clogged filters:

  • Slow water flow
  • Odd water taste (your cat may avoid drinking)

Regular replacements keep water fresh.

Cleaning Complications

Regular cleaning prevents buildup. Yet, improper cleaning can cause:

  • Residue left behind
  • Damaged components

Follow manufacturer guidelines for cleaning.

Sensor Malfunctions

Some models use sensors to regulate flow. A faulty sensor might lead to:

  • Intermittent water flow
  • Fountain not activating

Check the sensor for obstructions or damages.

Pixi Cat Water Fountain Not Working? Quick Fixes!

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Step-by-step Troubleshooting

Is your feline friend’s water fountain refusing to flow? A non-functioning Pixi Cat Water Fountain can leave your pet parched. But worry not! With this step-by-step troubleshooting guide, we’ll help you find and fix the issue in no time. Keep your cat’s hydration station operational with these easy-to-follow solutions.

Checking The Power Source

Begin by ensuring that the power source is reliable. Check the connections. Look for any loose plugs. Confirm socket functionality by using another device. A solid power flow is vital for the fountain to work.

Inspecting The Pump For Obstructions

Turn the fountain off. Unplug it from the wall. Disassemble it according to the manual. Look inside the pump. Remove any hair or debris. This could restore the flow.

Cleaning Or Replacing The Filter

Frequent cleaning keeps the filter working. A dirty filter can block water. Rinse it under cold water to clean. Replace it every two to four weeks for the best performance.

Ensuring Proper Water Level

  • Check the minimum water line.
  • Add water if it’s below the line.
  • Adequate water level prevents motor damage.

Resetting The Sensor Functionality

Some models have water sensors. A reset might be needed. Turn the fountain off, then on again. This can refresh the sensor settings. Check the manual for sensor-specific instructions.

Routine Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your Pixi Cat Water Fountain ensures a fresh water supply for your pet. Like any device, it needs regular care. Follow these simple maintenance tips to keep the fountain working smoothly.

Regular Cleaning Schedules

Clean your water fountain every week. Accumulated fur and saliva can clog the system. Disassemble the unit completely to wash each part.

  • Unplug and empty the fountain.
  • Remove and rinse the pump under running water.
  • Scrub the bowl and other components with a non-abrasive sponge.
  • Use a mild dish soap to ensure safety for your pet.
  • Rinse thoroughly to remove any soap residue.
  • Reassemble once all parts are dry.

Filter Change Frequency

Change filters every two to four weeks. Regular replacement prevents harmful contaminants from polluting the water.

  1. Locate the filter compartment.
  2. Remove the used filter.
  3. Replace with a new filter recommended by the manufacturer.
  4. Reset the system if it has a filter-change indicator.

Checking For Wear And Tear

Inspect your Pixi Cat Water Fountain during each cleaning. Look for cracks or damage to the components.

Part What to Check
Pump Signs of rust or noisy operation
Bowl Cracks or chips
Motor Consistent humming noise

Replace any parts showing signs of wear to prevent water fountain failure.

Maintaining Optimal Water Quality

Use filtered or distilled water to refill your fountain. This can reduce mineral buildup inside the pump and fountain.

  • Check water levels daily to ensure the pump stays submerged.
  • Top off with fresh water as needed.
  • Test water pH (if you wish to go the extra mile).

Pets enjoy clean water, and regular maintenance ensures their health and happiness.

Pixi Cat Water Fountain Not Working? Quick Fixes!

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Diy Repair Guide

Welcome to the “DIY Repair Guide” for your Pixi Cat Water Fountain! Sometimes, your furry friend’s source of hydration needs a little troubleshooting. Before calling in the pros, follow this guide to solve common issues on your own. This step-by-step repair manual is here to help get your beloved pet’s water fountain flowing once again.

Disassembling The Fountain

Start the repair by safely turning off your function. Unplug it from the wall outlet. Gently dismantle the pieces according to the manual.

  • Remove the water basin and set it aside.
  • Detach any additional components like the spout and filter housing.
  • Keep screws and smaller parts in a container to avoid losing them.

Cleaning The Pump

The pump is often the culprit behind fountain malfunctions.

  1. Locate the pump and remove it from the fountain.
  2. Open the pump casing to access the interior.
  3. Use a soft brush to clean out any debris or buildup.
  4. Soak the components in vinegar solution for a thorough cleanse, if necessary.

Fixing Power Cord Issues

Power cord problems can stop the fountain from working.

  • Inspect the cord for any signs of damage, such as frays or cuts.
  • If damage is found, consider replacing the cord completely.
  • Ensure that the cord is connected firmly to both the fountain and the power outlet.

Resolving Water Flow Inconsistencies

Proper flow is essential for the fountain’s operation.

Issue Diagnosis Solution
Weak Flow Check for clogged tubes or low water levels. Clean tubes; refill water.
No Flow Examine the pump functionality. Ensure pump is clean and properly attached.
Sputtering Possible air trapped in the pump or tubes. Restart the fountain to release air.

Remember, routine maintenance can prevent most inconsistencies with water flow.

When To Seek Professional Help

If your Pixi Cat Water Fountain has stopped working, you might wonder whether it’s time to call in the experts. While some issues are simple fixes, others are trickier and require professional assessment. Knowing the right time to seek professional help can save you both time and money, and ensure that your pet’s water fountain is functioning properly in no time.

Recognizing Complex Electrical Faults

Electrical problems can be dangerous to diagnose and fix by yourself. Signs of complex electrical faults include:

  • Water fountain not turning on even after changing outlets
  • Strange noises or burning smells
  • Power cord damage

Contact a professional if you notice any of these signs.

Identifying Unresolvable Mechanical Damage

Some mechanical issues go beyond a simple filter change or reservoir refill. Indications that your fountain has unresolvable mechanical damage might include:

  • Visible cracks in the base unit
  • Water not flowing despite a clean filter
  • The pump stops and starts unexpectedly

In these cases, a skilled technician should take a look.

Finding A Reputable Repair Service

  1. Search for local services specializing in small appliance repair.
  2. Check online reviews and ratings to ensure reliability.
  3. Ask fellow pet owners for recommendations.

Choosing a reputable service is crucial for a lasting repair.

Using Warranty Coverage Wisely

Check your warranty before reaching out for repairs. If your fountain is under warranty:

  • Contact the manufacturer for instructions
  • Keep all purchase documents and warranty information readily available
  • Understand what the warranty does and doesn’t cover

Proper use of warranty coverage can save on out-of-pocket costs.

Preventive Measures For Long-term Functionality

Keeping your Pixi Cat Water Fountain running smoothly means you have to look after it. Just like any gadget, the right care can help avoid issues. Let’s explore how to keep your fountain working for years to come.

Water Quality And Fountain Performance

Clean water is vital for your cat and the fountain. Here’s how to maintain it:

  • Change water regularly to stop build-up.
  • Use filtered water to reduce mineral deposits.
  • Clean the fountain with mild soap weekly.
  • Inspect and replace filters as needed.

Safe Placement And Usage

A good spot means fewer accidents. Follow these tips:

  • Place the fountain on a level surface.
  • Avoid areas with lots of dust or pet hair.
  • Keep the cord out of reach to prevent chewing.
  • Ensure the power source is waterproof.

Future-proofing With Spare Parts

Having extras on hand is smart. Prepare with these steps:

Part Stock Up
Filters Every 2-4 months
Pump Every 1-2 years
Tubes Check annually

Understanding Your Cat’s Drinking Patterns

Monitor your cat’s habits for these reasons:

  1. Spot changes in thirst which could mean health issues.
  2. Learn their favorite times to drink and adjust fountain timing.
  3. Notice if debris from your cat’s fur might clog the fountain.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Pixi Cat Water Fountain Not Working

Why Is My Pixi Cat Fountain Not Pumping Water?

The Pixi Cat Fountain may not be pumping water due to clogs, misalignment, or electrical issues. Check for debris in the pump and filter, ensure the pump is seated correctly, and verify the power supply is working to resolve the issue.

How Do I Clean The Pixi Cat Water Fountain?

To clean your Pixi Cat Water Fountain, disassemble the unit, remove the pump and filter, and clean all parts with warm soapy water. Rinse thoroughly before reassembling. Regular cleaning ensures hygiene and fountain functionality.

Can I Replace Parts On Pixi Cat Fountain?

Yes, parts like the pump, filter, and spout of the Pixi Cat Fountain are replaceable. Refer to the manufacturer’s handbook for the correct part numbers and replacement instructions. Regular part replacement enhances the fountain’s longevity.

What Should I Do If My Fountain Makes Noise?

If your Pixi Cat Water Fountain is noisy, it might be due to a low water level or a dirty pump. Add more water to the fountain and clean the pump to reduce noise. Also, ensure the pump is fully submerged.


Dealing with a malfunctioning Pixi Cat Water Fountain can be frustrating for both you and your feline friend. This guide aimed to simplify troubleshooting, helping restore harmony to your pet’s hydration routine. Embrace these tips for a swift solution and ensure your cat’s water fountain operates smoothly for their health and happiness.

Remember, regular maintenance is key to preventing future disruptions.

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