Stray Cats

Stray Cats

What’s Stray Cat Survival Guide: Tips & Tales

A stray cat is a domestic feline that lives outdoors and does not have a permanent home. These cats often survive on their instincts and can be found in urban or rural areas. Stray cats, sometimes distinguished from feral cats, are known for their resilience and ability to adapt to life outside a traditional home. […]

Stray Cats

Why Stray Cat Ear Clipping Is a Sign of Compassion

Stray cats often have their ear clipped to signify they’ve been spayed or neutered. This practice, called ear tipping, enables quick identification to prevent re-trapping and unnecessary surgeries. Community cat populations are a widespread concern, and managing their reproductive health is essential to control their numbers. Ear tipping plays a pivotal role in Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)

Is It Safe to Bring a Stray Cat Inside
Stray Cats

Is It Safe to Bring a Stray Cat Inside? Know the Risks

Bringing a stray cat inside can be safe with proper precautions, but it poses health and safety risks. Ensure the cat is healthy and consult a veterinarian before introducing it to your home. Stray cats often stir a blend of compassion and curiosity within us, prompting many to consider giving them a home. Encountering a

Stray Cat Stopped Eating
Stray Cats

Stray Cat Stopped Eating: Urgent Care Tips Revealed

A stray cat that stops eating may be ill or stressed. Immediate veterinary attention is recommended. Stray cats often face challenges that domestic cats do not, such as consistent access to food and medical care. Encountering a stray cat that has lost its appetite can be concerning. Various factors could contribute to this issue, including

Does Stray Cat Have Rabies
Stray Cats

Does Stray Cat Have Rabies?: Spotting the Warning Signs

A stray cat may carry rabies, but it is not certain without specific testing. It’s essential to approach stray cats with caution and seek professional advice if bitten or scratched. Stray cats, often seen roaming neighborhoods and alleys, spark a mix of concern and curiosity in our communities. While they can be charming, potential risks

How Much Does It Cost to Vaccinate a Stray Cat
Stray Cats

How Much to Vaccinate a Stray? Uncover Hidden Costs!

The cost to vaccinate a stray cat typically ranges between $10 to $100. This price varies based on location, type of vaccine, and clinic policies. Vaccinating a stray cat is a compassionate and essential step in ensuring the health and safety of both the feline and the community it lives in. Stray cats can carry

Keep Stray Cat Out of Garden
Stray Cats

Keep Stray Cat Out of Garden: Foolproof Tactics!

To deter stray cats from your garden, use physical barriers and natural repellents. Adopting deterrents like motion-activated sprinklers can also be effective. Gardens are havens for relaxation and nature’s beauty, attracting not just admirers but sometimes unwelcome feline visitors. Homeowners often seek effective measures to keep stray cats at bay to protect their plants and

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