Discover the 11 Best Comb for Ragdoll Cats In 2024 ( The Perfect Grooming Companion )

Ragdoll cats are famous for their lovely, flowing fur. Although they don’t need as much maintenance as certain other long-haired breeds, they still require regular brushing to avoid knots and tangles. Therefore, what type of Comb/Brush is ideal for a Ragdoll’s fur?

In the forthcoming article, we will examine the top Combs suitable for grooming Ragdoll cats. We will explore the appropriate brush type, the ideal frequency for brushing your cat, and provide additional significant suggestions.

11 Best Comb for Ragdoll Cats

1. FURminator deShedding Comb for Ragdoll Cats – Best overall

FURminator deShedding Tool for Ragdoll Cats

The Furminator is a popular grooming tool known for its effectiveness in removing loose fur and undercoat from both long and short-haired cats and dogs. The comb features thick pins resembling the teeth of a comb, designed to reach deep layers of the undercoat, eliminating trapped fur and loosening shedding coats.

One distinctive feature of the Furminator comb is the trigger ejector, which facilitates easy cleaning. The trigger ejector pushes out the removed hair from the pins, allowing pet owners to dispose of it conveniently. This not only makes the grooming process more efficient but also helps keep the surrounding area clean, preventing fur from ending up on the owner’s clothing.

While the primary function of the Furminator is to remove loose hair, it also contributes to skin health by distributing natural oils. This results in a silky shine and a soft feel to the pet’s fur, enhancing their overall coat quality.

If you plan to use a Furminator on your cat, it’s essential to introduce the comb gradually. Cats may find the tool frightening or uncomfortable initially, so patience and a gentle approach are recommended. Gradual introduction and positive reinforcement can help your cat become more comfortable with the grooming process using the Furminator.

Overall, the Furminator comb is a valuable tool for pet owners looking to manage shedding and maintain the health and appearance of their pets’ coats.

  • Self-cleans
  • Dishes effectively
  • Cats may dislike it

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2. Hepper Brush for Ragdoll Cats – Budget Buy

Hepper Deshedding Cat Brush For Ragdolls

The Hepper Comb is another excellent option for cat grooming, providing a reasonably priced solution that is designed to make the grooming experience enjoyable for both cats and owners. Unlike some other highly recommended brushes, the Hepper Cat Brush is specifically created to be pleasant for cats, potentially making grooming sessions more appealing for them.

One standout feature of the Hepper Comb is its hair removal mechanism, which can be activated with a single click, simplifying the cleanup process after grooming. The brush is equipped with bendable needles that can rotate up to 60 degrees, ensuring a smooth and comfortable grooming experience for your cat. This flexibility contributes to the brush being convenient and enjoyable to use.

An added benefit is the waterproof design of the entire brush, allowing for easy cleaning by simply rinsing it. This feature adds to the overall convenience of maintaining the brush in good condition.

Despite its high-quality features, the Hepper Comb is reasonably priced, offering cat owners great value for the money they invest in a grooming tool. If you’ve been facing challenges during grooming sessions with your cat, the Hepper Cat Brush presents itself as a potential solution that combines functionality with a cat-friendly design.

  • Waterproof
  • 60-degree bristles
  • Inexpensive
  • One-click cleaning design
  • Only one size available

3. JW Pet Gripsoft Cat Slicker Comb

JW Pet Company GripSoft Cat Slicker Brush

The JW Pet Gripsoft Cat Slicker Brush is a preferred choice for grooming Ragdoll cats due to its excellent value for money. This brush comes equipped with a handle featuring a soft-grip design, enhancing the ease of holding and controlling the brush during grooming sessions. The numerous pins on the brush effectively grab the cat’s fur, aiding in the distribution of natural oils throughout the coat for a healthier and shinier appearance.

A notable feature of the JW Pet Gripsoft is its rounded head, which proves advantageous for accessing tight areas during grooming. This rounded design ensures a more thorough and comfortable grooming experience for your Ragdoll cat compared to brushes with a square head.

However, it’s important to note that the JW Pet Gripsoft lacks nubs on its steel bristles. While this doesn’t diminish its effectiveness, it may require some time for cat owners to master the brush’s usage without upsetting their feline companions. Patience and a gradual introduction to the grooming process can help ease any potential discomfort for the cat.

Overall, the JW Pet Gripsoft Cat Slicker Brush is a cost-effective option for Ragdoll cat owners, offering features that contribute to effective grooming and a healthy coat.

  • Offers light deshedding
  • Extremely affordable
  • Not self-cleaning

4. Safari Self-Cleaning Cat Slicker Comb

Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

The Safari Self-Cleaning Cat Slicker Brush is highly recommended for grooming Ragdoll kittens, offering a combination of features that make it an ideal choice for young cats. The brush’s metal pins are designed to effectively spread the natural oils of the skin throughout the fur while efficiently removing dead hair from the undercoat. This contributes to a healthier coat and minimizes shedding.

Introducing the Safari Self-Cleaning Brush to a young kitten allows them ample time to adapt to the brushing routine, potentially making the grooming process a more enjoyable experience for the cat.

A notable feature of this brush is its self-cleaning system, which can be activated by a trigger, similar to the one found in the Furminator. While it may not be as remarkable in reducing shedding as the Furminator, it still has the ability to minimize the amount of hair in pet owners’ homes and on their clothing. The self-cleaning mechanism adds to the convenience of using the brush, making cleanup a quick and efficient process.

Overall, the Safari Self-Cleaning Cat Slicker Brush is a top choice for grooming Ragdoll kittens, providing a balance of functionality, adaptability for young cats, and a self-cleaning system that contributes to a tidy grooming experience.

  • Some deshedding ability
  • Self-cleaning
  • Cats may dislike it

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5. Frisco Brush & Slicker Brush Bundle

Frisco Slicker Brush

Frisco’s Brush and Slicker Brush Bundle provides a combination of grooming tools that cater to different needs. The plastic brush is gentle and ideal for grooming the top layer of fur and spreading the natural oils of the skin, ensuring a comfortable experience. On the other hand, the slicker brush is designed to groom the lower layer of fur, effectively removing loose and excess hair from the cat.

The Slicker Brush included in this set does not provide the same comprehensive de-shedding capabilities as the Furminator due to its shorter teeth and lack of self-cleaning brushes. However, it stands out for its exceptional versatility, which is an appealing quality compared to other products in this list.

Some cats might not be able to handle the slicker brush, but the plastic pin brush is ideal for cats that are not used to grooming yet. It allows pet owners to gradually introduce the concept of external grooming and familiarize their cats with it before using the slicker brush.

  • Two-brush bundle offers versatility

  • Brushes don’t self-clean or deshed


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6. Safari Complete Cat Comb/Brush

Safari Complete Cat Brush

Safari’s Complete Cat Comb is highly recommended for grooming Ragdolls. This plastic pin brush effectively grooms the outer layer of fur and evenly distributes the skin’s natural oils. It leaves your Ragdoll’s fur looking beautifully groomed, lustrous, and shiny.

This particular brush is highly suitable for grooming your cat. The gentle plastic pins will not cause any discomfort to them, and they may even discover a fondness for the relaxing massage it provides.

Regrettably, this particular brush is not suitable for detangling your cat’s fur. Hence, if you desire a brush that effectively eliminates dead fur and reduces the visible shedding in your home, it would be advisable to purchase an alternative brush.

  • Easy for cats to tolerate
  • Affordable
  • Suitable for grooming the overcoat
  • Doesn’t self-clean
  • No deshedding

7. Safari Bristle Cat Brush

Safari Soft Bristle Brush for Cats

The Safari Bristle Cat Brush is an excellent choice for brushing the top layer of a cat’s fur. With its soft bristles, most cats can handle it well, and some may even enjoy the brushing experience right from the start. The gentle bristles effectively distribute the skin’s natural oils throughout the fur, contributing to a sleek and glossy appearance.

However, it’s important to note that the Safari Bristle Cat Brush is not designed to reach the undercoat. This limitation means it cannot effectively remove shed hair from the deeper layers or eliminate any existing dead hair unless it is on the outer layer of the coat. Consequently, if your goal is to reduce the amount of hair shed on your clothes and furniture, it’s advisable to consider other grooming options that specifically target the undercoat.

While the Safari Bristle Cat Brush may not be the most suitable tool for minimizing shedding, its strengths lie in maintaining the top layer of fur and promoting a healthy, shiny coat. Depending on your cat’s grooming needs, you may want to complement the use of this brush with another tool designed for undercoat removal if shedding control is a priority.

  • Gentle and easy for all cats to tolerate

  • Does not penetrate the undercoat to loosen or remove dead fur


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8. Frisco Cat & Dog Combo Brush Mini

Frisco Cat & Dog Combo Brush

The Frisco Cat & Dog Combo Brush Mini is a versatile grooming tool equipped with two different brushes to cater to various grooming needs. On one side, it features a pin brush with widely spaced pins, and on the other side, there’s a bristle brush. This dual-sided design makes it an ideal choice for pet owners who appreciate the versatility of having both a bristle and pin brush in one tool.

The bristle brush effectively distributes the natural oils of the skin throughout the coat, promoting a healthy and glossy appearance. Meanwhile, the pin brush with widely spaced pins is adept at handling gentle detangling.

However, it’s important to note that neither side of the Frisco Combo Brush Mini is specifically designed for effectively removing loose fur. If reducing shedding is a priority for pet owners, they may need to explore other grooming alternatives that specifically target the removal of loose fur.

Another consideration is that the Frisco Combo Brush Mini lacks a self-cleaning mechanism, as both sides are used for brushing. This means that pet owners will need to manually clean the brush after use.

In summary, the Frisco Cat & Dog Combo Brush Mini is a versatile tool for general grooming, providing both a bristle and pin brush in one. While it excels in distributing natural oils and gentle detangling, those seeking a brush specifically for effective loose fur removal or a self-cleaning feature may need to explore other options.

  • Offers both a pin and bristle brush

  • Pins are too wide set to do anything besides light detangling


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9. Hertzko Self-Cleaning Dog & Cat Slicker Brush

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

The Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for dogs and cats is an ideal choice for pet owners seeking a gentler grooming option. The brush is designed with pins featuring gentle nubs to prevent any harm to the skin, making it suitable for pets with sensitive skin. Although cats may initially feel scared, the nubs on the brush can aid in their quicker adaptation to the grooming process.

One standout feature of the Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush is its self-cleaning mechanism, adding convenience for pet owners. After each grooming session, a simple press of a button allows the brush to clean itself, and pet owners can easily wipe away the hair from the brush. This feature simplifies the cleanup process and ensures that the brush is ready for the next use.

It’s worth noting that the brush is slightly heavier and less manageable compared to a typical slicker brush, which may not appeal to some pet owners. However, for those prioritizing a gentle yet effective slicker brush with the added convenience of self-cleaning, the Hertzko option proves to be a reliable choice.

  • Self-cleaning plate is easy to clean
  • The nub tip of the pins makes it more tolerable for the cats
  • Heavier and larger than average

10. Babyliss Pro Pet Bristle Paddle Pet Comb

Babyliss Pro Pet Bristle Paddle Pet Brush

The Babyliss Pro Pet’s Bristle Paddle Pet Brush is intentionally designed to resemble a regular hairbrush for humans, emphasizing the importance of using a brush on pets that you would also use on yourself. The brush features a gentle pin design that is not harsh on the skin, allowing for light detangling and coat maintenance with a gentle touch.

However, it’s important to note that the Babyliss Pro Pet’s Bristle Paddle Pet Brush does not have a self-cleaning mechanism, and it does not effectively remove shedded hair from your cat. The wider spacing of the pins may also limit its ability to provide thorough maintenance for the undercoat compared to a slicker brush.

While this brush may not be the most suitable option for intensive grooming or shedding control, its gentle design makes it a good choice for light detangling and regular coat maintenance. If you prioritize a brush with a familiar and comfortable design that you would use on yourself, the Babyliss Pro Pet’s Bristle Paddle Pet Brush could be a suitable choice for your pet’s grooming needs.

  • Similar to human hairbrush designs
  • Gentle and non-abrasive pin design
  • Doesn’t deshed or self-clean


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11. Safari Massage Cat Brush

Safari Massage Cat Brush

The Safari Massage Cat Brush proves to be an excellent choice for pet owners with aging Ragdoll cats that may not be accustomed to regular brushing. This brush features wide, dull plastic pins designed to provide a gentle massage to the cat’s skin.

Simultaneously, it helps spread the natural oils on the coat, contributing to a healthier and shinier appearance. The soothing sensation of the pins on the cat’s skin can create a positive experience, potentially making the cat more receptive to grooming sessions.

It’s important to note, however, that the design of the pins on the Safari Massage Cat Brush is not intended for substantial deshedding or detangling functions. Instead, the primary purpose of this brush is to offer a pleasurable brushing experience for the cat, especially beneficial for older cats that may be sensitive to grooming.

While it may not be the go-to tool for intensive grooming needs, the Safari Massage Cat Brush serves a valuable role in providing comfort and relaxation during grooming sessions, making it an ideal choice for senior Ragdoll cats or those that may be averse to more intense brushing.

  • Easy for any cat to tolerate

  • Does not groom the cat’s coat


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Best Comb for Ragdoll

Buyer’s Guide: Selecting the Best Ragdoll Comb

Ragdoll cats are known for their luxurious, semi-long fur that requires regular grooming to keep it in top condition. To maintain your Ragdoll’s coat and prevent matting and tangles, you’ll need a high-quality comb that’s specifically designed for their unique needs. With a wide range of grooming brushes available on the market, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. This buyer’s guide will help you navigate the options and select the best Ragdoll brush for your feline friend.

Understanding Ragdoll Cat Grooming Needs

Before diving into the specifics of selecting a Ragdoll brush, it’s crucial to understand the grooming needs of these magnificent cats. Ragdolls have a semi-long, silky coat that can mat and tangle easily if not properly maintained. They shed throughout the year, with heavier shedding during seasonal changes. To keep your Ragdoll’s coat healthy and free from mats, regular brushing is essential.

Here are some key factors to consider when choosing a Ragdoll brush:

1. Brush Type:

There are various types of brushes available, including slicker brushes, bristle brushes, and combs. For Ragdolls, a combination of a slicker brush and a wide-toothed comb is typically recommended. The slicker brush helps remove loose fur and tangles, while the comb can reach deeper into the coat to prevent matting.

2. Brush Material:

Opt for brushes with soft, gentle bristles to avoid damaging your Ragdoll’s delicate fur and sensitive skin. Brushes made of natural materials like boar bristles or soft rubber are usually ideal.

3. Comfort and Grip:

Consider the handle of the brush. It should be comfortable to hold and easy to grip, especially if you plan on spending significant time grooming your cat.

4. Size:

The size of the brush should be appropriate for your cat’s size and coat length. For Ragdolls, a medium-sized brush with long bristles is generally suitable.

5. Ease of Cleaning:

Look for brushes that are easy to clean and maintain. Detachable bristle heads or self-cleaning brushes can save you time and effort.

6. Allergen Control:

If you or a family member has allergies, consider brushes designed to reduce allergens, as regular grooming can help reduce the amount of loose fur in your home.

Tips for Selecting the Best Ragdoll Comb

Selecting the best comb for your Ragdoll cat involves considering their specific grooming needs and preferences. Here are some tips to help you choose the right Ragdoll comb:

  1. Consider Coat Length:

    • If your Ragdoll has a longer coat, you may need a comb with longer teeth to reach through the layers of fur and prevent matting.
    • For shorter coats, a comb with shorter teeth may be sufficient for regular grooming.
  2. Choose the Right Comb Type:

    • Slicker brushes are effective for removing loose hair and preventing mats. They have fine, short wires close together.
    • Wide-tooth combs are suitable for detangling and removing loose hair from longer coats.
    • Flea combs with fine teeth are useful for detecting and removing fleas or debris.
  3. Consider Your Cat’s Comfort:

    • Opt for combs with rounded or coated teeth to avoid scratching your cat’s sensitive skin.
    • Choose combs with an ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip during grooming sessions.
  4. Look for Multi-Functional Combs:

    • Some combs come with dual sides, featuring both wide and narrow teeth. This versatility can be useful for different grooming needs.
  5. Self-Cleaning Features:

    • Brushes with self-cleaning mechanisms can make the grooming process more convenient by easily removing collected hair.
  6. Adaptability to Your Cat’s Temperament:

    • For more anxious cats, consider combs designed for a gentler grooming experience, such as those with softer bristles or massage-like features.
  7. Check for Durability:

    • Ensure that the comb is well-made and durable to withstand regular use, especially if your cat has a thick or dense coat.
  8. Read Reviews:

    • Check reviews from other Ragdoll cat owners to get insights into how well a particular comb works for their cats.
  9. Ask Your Veterinarian or Groomer:

    • Seek advice from your veterinarian or a professional groomer who may have recommendations based on your cat’s specific needs.
  10. Introduce Gradually:

    • Regardless of the comb you choose, introduce it gradually to your Ragdoll. Start with short sessions and use positive reinforcement to make the grooming experience enjoyable.

Remember, the best comb for your Ragdoll cat may depend on factors like their coat length, grooming habits, and your preferences. Regular grooming not only keeps your cat’s coat in good condition but also strengthens the bond between you and your feline friend.

Comb for Ragdoll Cats

Can You use a Furminator on a Ragdoll Cat?

Yes, you can use a Furminator on a Ragdoll cat, but it should be done with caution and care. A Furminator is a type of grooming tool designed to remove loose fur and reduce shedding in cats and dogs. While it can be effective in removing excess fur from your Ragdoll’s coat, you need to use it gently and follow some guidelines:

  1. Choose the Right Furminator: Ensure that you select a Furminator designed for cats or for long-haired breeds. Using one designed for dogs or with short bristles can be too harsh on your Ragdoll’s delicate fur.
  2. Brush Gently: Ragdoll cats have sensitive skin, so use the Furminator with a gentle touch. Apply light pressure when brushing to avoid any discomfort or skin irritation.
  3. Be Cautious of Overuse: Overusing the Furminator can lead to over-grooming and skin issues. Use it in moderation and observe your cat’s reaction. If you notice any signs of discomfort, stop immediately.
  4. Regular Brushing: Use the Furminator as part of your regular grooming routine but not as the sole tool. Combining it with a soft slicker brush or wide-toothed comb can help remove tangles and mats and ensure a thorough grooming session.
  5. Check for Irritation: After grooming, check your cat’s skin for any signs of redness, irritation, or sensitivity. If you notice any issues, consult your veterinarian.
  6. Follow Your Cat’s Comfort Level: Every cat is different, and some may not enjoy the sensation of the Furminator. If your Ragdoll doesn’t tolerate it well, consider alternative grooming tools or methods.
  7. Use During Shedding Seasons: Ragdolls tend to shed more during seasonal changes. This is an ideal time to use the Furminator to help manage excessive shedding.

Remember that grooming your Ragdoll cat is not just about removing loose fur but also about bonding with your pet and ensuring their comfort and well-being. If you’re unsure about using a Furminator or any other grooming tool, it’s always a good idea to consult with a professional groomer or your veterinarian for guidance on the best grooming practices for your specific cat.

How often to brush a Ragdoll cat?

Brushing frequency for a Ragdoll cat can vary depending on several factors, including the cat’s individual coat type, shedding patterns, and personal preferences. Generally, it’s recommended to brush your Ragdoll cat at least a few times a week, but specific circumstances may require more or less frequent brushing. Here are some guidelines to consider:

  1. Coat Length and Density: Ragdolls have semi-long fur that can vary in thickness. Cats with thicker, denser coats may require more frequent brushing to prevent matting and reduce shedding. If your Ragdoll has a particularly thick coat, you may need to brush them daily or every other day during shedding seasons.
  2. Shedding Season: Ragdolls typically shed more during seasonal changes, which usually occur in the spring and fall. During these times, you may need to increase the frequency of brushing to help manage excess fur.
  3. Personal Preferences: Get to know your Ragdoll’s grooming preferences. Some cats enjoy being brushed and may even seek out grooming sessions, while others may be more sensitive or less tolerant of the process. Adjust your brushing schedule accordingly to accommodate your cat’s comfort level.
  4. Matting and Tangles: Check your cat’s coat regularly for matting and tangles. If you notice any, address them promptly to prevent further complications. Matting can be more common in certain areas like behind the ears and under the armpits.
  5. Health and Age: Older Ragdoll cats or those with certain health conditions may require more attention to grooming. Arthritic cats, for example, may have difficulty grooming themselves effectively.
  6. Grooming Tools: The choice of grooming tools can also impact the frequency of brushing. If you use effective tools like a slicker brush and a wide-toothed comb, you may be able to maintain your Ragdoll’s coat with less frequent brushing.
  7. Allergen Control: If you or family members have allergies to cat dander, more frequent brushing can help reduce allergen levels in your home by removing loose fur before it becomes airborne.

In summary, while a few times a week is a good starting point for regular brushing of a Ragdoll cat, it’s essential to tailor your grooming schedule to your specific cat’s needs. Pay attention to your cat’s coat condition and adapt your grooming routine as necessary to ensure their coat remains healthy, tangle-free, and free from matting. Additionally, grooming sessions can be an excellent opportunity to bond with your Ragdoll and provide them with some extra attention and care.

Ragdoll Comb

What else can you do to keep your Ragdoll cat’s coat healthy?

Keeping your Ragdoll cat’s coat healthy involves more than just regular brushing. Here are some additional tips and practices to help maintain the overall health and beauty of your Ragdoll’s luxurious coat:

  1. Proper Nutrition: A balanced diet with high-quality cat food is essential for maintaining healthy skin and coat. Ensure your Ragdoll receives the appropriate nutrients, including omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which promote healthy skin and a shiny coat. Consult with your veterinarian to choose the right diet for your cat’s specific needs.
  2. Hydration: Encourage your Ragdoll to drink plenty of water. Adequate hydration is crucial for skin and coat health.
  3. Supplements: If your veterinarian recommends it, consider providing your cat with supplements like fish oil or specialized coat supplements to support coat health.
  4. Regular Vet Visits: Regular check-ups with your veterinarian are essential to detect any underlying health issues that could affect your cat’s coat. Conditions like allergies, skin infections, or hormonal imbalances can impact coat quality.
  5. Flea and Parasite Control: Keep your cat protected from fleas, ticks, and other parasites, as they can irritate the skin and affect coat condition. Use veterinarian-recommended flea control products.
  6. Bathing: While Ragdolls generally don’t require frequent baths, occasional baths can help keep their coat clean and free from oil buildup. Use a cat-specific, hypoallergenic shampoo, and make sure to rinse thoroughly.
  7. Regular Eye and Ear Cleaning: Ragdolls are known for their striking blue eyes. Regularly clean your cat’s eyes with a damp, clean cloth to remove any discharge or tear stains. Similarly, clean their ears as needed to prevent wax buildup or infections.
  8. Environmental Stress Management: Minimize stress in your cat’s environment. Stress can lead to excessive grooming, which can damage the coat. Provide a calm, safe space and enrich their environment with toys and scratching posts.
  9. Avoid Over-Grooming: Some cats, when stressed or anxious, may over-groom themselves, leading to bald patches or skin issues. Address the underlying cause of stress and consult your vet if necessary.
  10. Temperature Control: Ragdolls are sensitive to temperature extremes. Ensure they are not exposed to extreme cold or heat, as this can affect their coat health.
  11. Regular Exercise: Encourage physical activity to maintain overall health. Active cats tend to have better circulation, which can benefit their skin and coat.
  12. Social Interaction: Ragdolls are social cats and enjoy human companionship. Spending quality time with your cat can help reduce stress and contribute to their well-being.

Remember that each Ragdoll cat is unique, and their specific needs may vary. Regular grooming sessions, combined with these tips, will help ensure your Ragdoll’s coat remains soft, silky, and healthy. If you have any concerns about your cat’s coat or overall health, consult with your veterinarian for personalized advice and guidance.


Investing in the right Ragdoll comb is essential for maintaining your cat’s gorgeous coat and overall health. By understanding your cat’s grooming needs and considering factors like brush type, material, comfort, size, ease of cleaning, and allergen control, you can confidently select the best brush for your beloved Ragdoll companion. Remember to groom your Ragdoll regularly to keep their coat looking its best and to strengthen the bond between you and your feline friend.

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